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Taking on the process of hair restoration is a unique experience for everyone. Some are committed to undergoing hair restoration surgery from the start. Their hair loss may be in the later stages, and they want a more immediate solution for their thinning hair. Others are more comfortable with obtaining hair restoration with a long-term medical solution;* the final result of fuller, thicker hair is more important than the process. Charlotte Hair MD in NC offers many medical hair loss treatments that are easy, no-hassle solutions that provide hair restoration that is natural-looking and long-lasting.* Charlotte Hair MD offers Propecia, Rogaine®, Capillus® laser cap therapy, and PRP hair restoration. Each medication treats hair loss in a transformative way to instill renewed confidence and self-esteem.


Propecia is an oral medication that is effective at stopping DHT production, the hormone responsible for genetic baldness. When DHT production is halted, follicular units stop their process of miniaturization and are given time to regrow fuller, thicker hair. Propecia and Rogaine® are the only two medications approved by the FDA for hair restoration. Propecia is taken once a day as a single 1-milligram unit, making it a simple and easy way to obtain hair restoration. Propecia can effectively be used with other methods of hair restoration. The generic form of Propecia is finasteride. Generic finasteride can be used to treat hair loss, as well. It should be noted that Propecia should only be used by men, not women or children. Learn more about Propecia by clicking the link below.



Sometimes, hair loss is more prominent at the top of the head for many that suffer from hair loss. What starts as thinning hair can eventually become a completely bald section on the crown. Hair loss at the top of the crown is often harder to hide than a receding hairline. Luckily, Rogaine® is specially designed for thinning hair on top of the crown. Rogaine® is a topical solution for hair loss that is applied twice a day for hair restoration results. The generic form of Rogaine® is minoxidil. Rogaine® is one of the most popular and affordable choices for hair restoration because of its efficacy in treating mild-to-moderate hair loss. Rogaine® is offered for both men and women. Normal strength Rogaine® for women has 2% minoxidil compared to 5% minoxidil for men. Learn more about Rogaine by clicking the link below.


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Low-level laser therapy is one of the simplest methods of hair restoration available. Low-level lasers can stimulate blood vessels in the scalp and increase cell metabolism to produce thicker and fuller hair. Low-level lasers are non-harmful and do not damage any tissue or hair follicles, making them a safe, easy choice for hair restoration. It is a hair restoration procedure very popular with women because of its discreetness and noted effectiveness with women experiencing hair loss. Low-level lasers caps are only effective at increasing the length and fullness of miniaturized hairs. Complete baldness found in the final stages of male pattern baldness would not be corrected with low-level laser therapy. Charlotte Hair MD offers Capillus® laser caps, the premier low-level laser cap for hair restoration. Learn more about Capillus® laser cap therapy by clicking the button below.



You may want to have thicker and fuller hair, but would rather not choose a surgical option to help you achieve your goals. Not only do you prefer a non-surgical method, but you want hair restoration that is natural and long-lasting.* PRP (platelet-rich plasma) hair restoration is a revolutionary procedure for hair restoration. The plasma contained within the bloodstream has many growth and factors. PRP has been used not only for hair, but can also treat arthritis, muscle tears, signs of aging, and more. When PRP is administered via injection to areas of thinning hair, growth properties help increase hair count, hair thickness, and stimulate the growth phase of the hair cycle. PRP hair restoration works best when treatments are given periodically. Treatments are performed once a month for the first four months, and then every three to six months thereafter, depending on the individual patient’s response and results. Learn more about PRP hair restoration by clicking the button below.



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